Friday, February 3, 2012

Prom Queen?

This time of the month brings back a lot of high school memories, that is, in specific, the much-awaited Prom. Back then, our outfits were not that bongga compared to the ones they are wearing now. Teenagers nowadays are already so fashyown.haha

So here are some 'prom-spirations' for those who will be having their proms this month:

WARNING: Photo-heavy, just because I had a hard time selecting.

For those going for a little demure effect.
The color pop goes well with the black bustier. Nakaka-sexy!
For the minimalist type. Klazz!
Dedma na if you get suspended because of showing too much cleavage.haha
Simple  lang but very sexy.
Go for bright colors para stand out!
Feeling royal and regal lang with this dress.
Emerald green + Uneven Hemline. Pak!
Hello? Sex appeal much? Bongga the highschooler with this body.haha
You can never go wrong with a shining shimmering number.
Dress your age nga daw. Cute lang!
Sans the sleeves, this would've been perfect!
For a more modern look, go for this!
This is one of my fave. Relax lang ang feel.
Fresh look with red lippy.
This one so BONGGA! Love it!
Peek-a-boo effect lang with the sheer center part.
PAKAK! Godess level lang ang peg.
THIS IS IT! My Top pick! Deadma na the black color but the design, so pretty! PERFECT!

I hope all of those helped you somehow. I'm sorry for my very becky captions. That is what usually happens when I get too excited. And when I read too much of Divine Lee's blog. haha

So, which one was your favorite?


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