Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love Bug

I'm resuming my outfit post today since I'm back home. I had my sister all to myself and I badgered her all day to photograph me. haha. 

For my outfit, I had to use this sheer top with hearts all over it mainly because it's love month. Okay, that was such a lame reason. Mehe. I might not be able to put up an outfit post for this month so I figured this was my chance to pay homage to Valentine's Day.haha. 

Sheer top from Spruce
Custom-made skirt from sister's prom way way back.haha. And again, a very weird pose.
Thrifted Bag, Primadonna shoes

Belt from SM Accessories

Random earrings from my sister

Necklace gift from mom. See all the little hearts on my top?
I may never have a date on that day but at least I shared the love..or something.haha. 

On another note, I will be leaving again for Cebu tonight and I don't know why I'm on the verge of bawling my eyes out again. For the love of goldfish, how many times do I have to have a crying session? I knooow I'm such a crybaby. Let's all just hope for the best.



  1. I love your top and skirt! <3

  2. lovely top you got there!