Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 149: August Rush

It's already past midnight on my part of the world and my brain is already half asleep while writing this but I'll trudge along. And it's the start of the August rush so I can't miss out. Sadly though, it wasn't such a good start for me at work. I pretty much sucked in dealing with customers today that I was seriously considering quitting by the middle of my shift. But I can't. Well, technically, I can but I choose not to. There are too many things to consider before I get to that decision.

I also got interviewed by one of the auditors in our company to evaluate my next level supervisor. I was nervous at first but I found the auditor really cute after a few minutes of talking to him. He's one of those rare types who looks more attractive the longer you talk to him because of his intellectual capacity. One of the few guys who has sense when you talk to them and who exudes sincerity by looking straight tou your eyes while you talk, and you can't help but look back. Have you ever encountered such people?

Anyway, I was so drained at the end of the shift that I had to pass on going to the gym. Instead, I went shopping with my friend (she only did the shopping, I was just looking and drooling and wishing I had millions to buy everything I'm drooling at) and ate a chocolate sundae afterwards to cure my depression for that really cute sandals I was eyeing at but could never afford to buy. Okay, I can afford but I just don't think I need another pair of flats when I just bought two this month.

I'm slowly returning to my shopaholic-ish attitude and it's not good! This has got to stop or else my earnings will be gone in no time. Help me?

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