Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 157-159: Leaving Soon

I knooow. I have to aplogize for the seemingly long pauses in between my posts. It's not an excuse but I just get too tired when I get off from work that I can only manage to browse updates from social media and then I doze off afterwards. Again, I'm totally aware it's not an excuse but I at least had to throw in some defense or something.haha

Anyway, work for the past three days have been such a challenge for me. I'm losing all the drive needed for me to perform relatively better. Maybe one of the factors is the fact that I may leave the company soon and I'm seeing no point of exerting any effort. Yes, I've finally decided to go back home for good, I'll just need to render a one month resignation before I leave. I'm not really too sure what will happen with me once I get home, everything is just a total blur, but I have the gut feeling it's what I'm supposed to do. So yeah, I'll just update you once everything is already in place.

Going back to the topic of work, not much has happened during the past three days. My scores are still in an erratic state and I honestly don't know what to do with it anymore. Yesterday, one of my calls were pulled up and it was played to everyone in the team so that we could learn something from it. It was a bit embarrassing at first but since I didn't have any choice, I just kept in mind that it is for the betterment of everyone as well.

Tomorrow is gonna be my last day of work for the week and I'm seriously considering taking a leave from work. But then again, that would depend on my mood by the time I wake up. I just hope everything will be better by the morrow.

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