Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 150 and 151: Dreams or Reality?

I was supposed to publish an entry last night but for some annoying reasons (aka crappy internet), it never got published and when I woke up earlier this morning, everything got deleted and it wasn't even saved in the drafts. To make it worse, I totally forgot everything that I wrote on that entry. Well, not really everything but most of it. And I don't have the mental capacity to recall because my brain is so drained I can hardly remember what I did today. So please bear with me and understand that whatever I wrote probably happened in reality or maybe I just dreamt about it (it gets confusing sometimes).

There was not much that happened the past two days at work. It's still the same old routine but ot's not that queueing anymore. My crushie was also around yesterday even if it was his day off but I missed him today though. I'm still struggling with my scores and I wasn't able to meet my goals for July so I have to double time and come up with new things to accomplish. I'm not complaining though. I think I just need to push myself further in order to keep up with what's required of me.

On a totally unrelated note, I got really pissed off last night because I didn't get to have enough sleep. I won't get into details 'coz I know it's part of what I signed up for. I just hope things will better in due time. I will also not be making this long because it's already my imposed bed time. I'm also tired and the weather is so conducive for sleeping. It's actually been raining the entire day today which makes it even harder to go to work. Urgh, responsibilies!

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