Saturday, September 22, 2012


 I had to turn down an invite from my friends last night and subjected myself to twelve hours of sleep. Twelve hours of much needed sleep. I don't know why I was so burnt out I practically raped my bed last night. And yes, I woke up feeling well rested more than ever. So I finally had the time to gather my derpy self and fashion a post that has been sitting in my drafts since last week.

I don't know about you but one of my antidotes when I'm feeling stressed is definitely eating. It's not healthy I know. If I continue being like this, I might end up getting back to my paunchy self, which from the looks of it, is not too far down the road.haha. So anyway, that's about enough litany of introduction. Excuse my over talkative self. 

Now back to the topic of food. Last week, me and my workmates had to drag ourselves miles from the city just to eat. Yes, we go out of our way just for food. Was it worth it? See for yourself.

Photo grabbed from Lantaw's FB account
 Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant is situated at the tail of Cordova, Mactan, Cebu. We had to hire a van to take us there and it was long a ride but the view and the food made up for it. Well, we didn't have our SLR's to camwhore with so we had to rely on the Iphones to do their thing. Aside from the great view, food was up to par and the price for it was not a highway robbery, if you know what I mean.

You can take a peek at the jungle in the kitchen by the counter.
Comfy seats for everyone. I cannot complain.
Menu for Seafood lovers like me.
We arrived at the place while the sun was still up so we had the privilege of choosing our seats. We even had the owner welcome us which is how we learned that the said resto was also an affiliate of Moon Cafe. 

After sundown, the crowd was slowly building up and by the time we left, the place was packed already. I also fancied their waiters who understood our need for taking photos that they gladly and proactively offered to take it for us. 

If you notice, this is just a typical 'garapon' which they recycled and used as glasses.
Ready to eat!
Group picture without me. grrrr.

After realizing I ate that much food, I loathed myself.haha. Although I wanted to stay a little bit longer, we had to leave early for work the next day. I know, I know, it's such a bummer. To answer my question if it was worth it? 99% yes. There's always room for improvement since they're just starting but it's definitely a good start. I will definitely be coming back.

P.S. I apologize for the lack of creativity in my title, I could scarcely think of a good one. My wits bailed on me at the last minute.


  1. I've been here with some workmates. The place is really great but so difficult to find. Should have your own car else, you'll get lost.

  2. Awesome place! I've been to Cebu several times but I never get to visit this place. Bummer, This is definitely a-must-visit place.

    xoxo Tisha,