Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Love Story

I love weddings. I think it's one of the most magical moments in a person's life. If you disagree with me, I hate you. haha. kidding!

When our TM invited us for her wedding, I could not contain my excitement. I had my dress ready days ahead and there was no doubt in my head I was going to the event. But for some reasons, the people I was supposed to go with backed out at the last minute, I wanted to throw a tantrum. Thank heavens, I was able to find company in the most unexpected people and I still had a lot of fun. 

I won't write much though, I'll just let the photos do their thing.

Prenup photo of the couple
After the wedding. Just 'coz we were late.haha
Yes, I had to be in front. You know that rule.
The newlyweds!
My dates that night.
Of course, we had to try the photobooth.

Cute thingummies! They had their names and photos printed. How clever is that?
And the cake!
Mr.  and Mrs. Cupcake
I had to impress someone with that dress. shhhh.haha

Although we had to leave early because of work, it was still one of the most romantic weddings I've been to. I almost cried during the reception, how is that normal?haha. I've never imagined myself being married to someone but if I do, I hope it will be as romantic. 

Congratulations TM Mai and Starky! Best Wishes to you both!


  1. very sweet


  2. Love your red dress and I know the photographer of this couple's shoot! Haha! Small world.

  3. let's hear those tantrums! hahaha -vaughn-

  4. Thanks for being with us on our special day :)