Friday, May 4, 2012


Okay, let's talk about marriage.

Not that I know anything about it. But..let's just talk about marriage. Or infidelity. Or both.

A married man once told me "Why did I meet you just now? I wish I met you so much earlier." I knew he's married, of course I knew. But when he told me that, I couldn't help but be flattered, which is normal. Compliments like that are healthy for your self-confidence.

But when you hear compliments like that every single day from the same married man coupled with lines like, "How about a date?", makes you think about  things you should not be thinking. I would hate to insinuate anything, I'm telling it just as it is. I keep thinking what would happen if I jumped into the bandwagon and say yes to that date?

It took me a simple search on Facebook to finally give a halt to all my crazy thoughts. I saw his wife and kid, basically the whole family in his photos. I didn't need any pinching for me to realize there was no place for me there. I can't believe I even considered the option of going out with him.

As a friend once said, "Whatever happens, you will always be on the losing end because he's already taken." It's funny how circumstances lead you to the edge of your values and principles. And how words can blind you to do the opposite.

But it's all over now. I'm finally back to my old logical self. I hope you don't judge me though for my temporary lapse of judgment. I didn't believe this was worth a post in my humble blog but then I decided otherwise.



  1. It makes me mad to think why some guys couldn't just be contented? I can't blame you for even considering going out on a date to that married man, 'cause a guy's words could really makes us girls weak. But I'm glad you did the right thing. I'm so proud of you,darling! :)

  2. No judgements here at all.. I think you're very brave to be able to post this.. I've actually been through something similar. But he had a girlfriend.. Took me a very long time to be able to get out.. I learned a lot of lessons since then :) Thanks for this! :)

  3. you did the right thing Biang. the fact that he is married, you have all the reasons to stay away from him especially when he has already expressed what "little feeling" he might have for you. no matter how "on the rocks" the marriage is and how "fallen out of love" the man feels, that does not justify his actions. you know you deserve better..not some asshole who would want to make you his mistress and a home wrecker.

    continue to pray! =)

  4. Oh, Biang. You're so bold and thank you for sharing this to us. I am in a relationship myself. It would really break my heart if this happens to me but then again, I am not a saint. We all did crazy stuff. I have done worse but I learned from it.

    Sometimes I agree about everything being fair in love and war. Oh well.

    Hope you are having a great weekend. We should meet! =)

  5. I raise my hands to you. Very wise decision you got there. :)