Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Ramblings

It's official, I am a nocturnal being all through to my core. And I blame this unnerving work schedule which, without a single hint of mercy, has already turned my body clock upside down. Plus, the Starks of Winterfell and the sinister clan of Lannisters are not helping at all in my union with my bed. Oh, I apologize for the lack of courtesies, I am talking about George R.R Martin's Game of Thrones by the way. I have literally buried my head in that book for the past few nights and I'm afraid I've gone too far this time I could even see them in my dreams. So I decided to drop it for a while and indulge myself in the comfort of words and writing.

So, what to write, what to write?

Well, actually, nothing specific comes to mind. Maybe a few random ramblings will do, just to free my head of cluttered thoughts and give itself it's much needed space for more thinking. Hmmm. That reminded me of something. Some people say I think too much. Or worry too much. Well, I won't exactly argue with that. I don't know, It just comes naturally to me. Oh, and then I got to thinking, worrying as something natural, I could already imagine how awful that sounds. But yeah, I guess that's just how I was wired. It's not really that bad though. At least I think so.

By the way, on a totally different note, I have been following Ser Paulo Coelho in Facebook (yes, I use Ser as he is a knight to me as any other in GRR Martin's book.haha. I am crazy like that) and he just posted this a while ago from his book Aleph, "Dreamers can never be tamed." and a few days back, " Man needs to choose, not just accept his destiny." I don't know exactly why I'm quoting him right now, I just felt like those words spoke to my soul.

I often wondered who I might become 10 years from now, sometimes I even fear I might not become who I wanted to be. I mean, that's good right? At least I still have the sense to think about my future. But then again, by the words of Arya Stark, "Fear cuts deeper than sword." And the words of Ser Paulo is still ringing in my head, "The fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself." Uh, that will leave me thinking the entire night.

Anyway, I'm finally going home in a few days and I cannot contain my excitement! Even if I had to pay a hefty lot for rescheduling my flight (yes, I'm still a little bit sore about that) but screw that, I am prancing and about just thinking about it. And yes, I will be updating you once I'm home already, there's no doubt about that.

Can anything get more random than this? I think that should do it for the night though. Lord Eddard and the rest are waiting for me at King's Landing. Teehee ^^


  1. haha cute post! ^__^ So random..I didn't know where it was going yet I ended up being entertained.

    And by the way, your post's photo got my attention as I'm also a fan of it..but only the series. I have watched the first season in one sitting (no breaks etc) and also done with Season 2 but I haven't read the books yet. Hope you are enjoying it.

    will be looking forward to your GOT posts.

    Have fun on your trip back home!

  2. lol...funny post :D
    Game of Thrones is actually a pretty awesome series ;)
    You have a great blog! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin’? I promise I’ll follow you back!
    Have a nice day!


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  3. Ahaha love the last sentence. Hope you get some rest!

  4. Nice post! :) I love GOT too! :)